Jewish Family Service

What is Play Therapy?

By Mary Tarbell

Imagine that you are a six-year-old girl whose has been seeing a counselor to help you cope with your family situation. Both of your parents have serious mental health issues, and you are being raised by your grandparents.  Of course, you have lots of emotions about all of …

Passover, the Miracle of Adoption and Finding our Way to Freedom

Steven Schauder, Executive Director, Jewish Family Service

I’d like to highlight something that you might not have ever considered-- the whole miracle of Passover begins with the adoption of a baby. In an effort to save her son’s life, an unnamed Jewish mother has her child placed near …

Back on Track and Project Lift Project Report 2020

By Elaine Strokoff, JFS Director of Financial Assistance & Food Security


Since 2017, through the generosity of donors, Jewish Family Service of Greater Harrisburg supported some of the most vulnerable members of our community through the Back on Track Initiative and Project Lift.


Hello, This is Jewish Family Service - Can I Help You?

By Mary Peterson


Allow me to introduce myself. I am the voice you hear on the phone and the face you see when you walk in the door.


I am the front office staff. Since the beginning of the pandemic, I have been in the Jewish Family Service office working in the quiet trying to keep …

That Sacred Journey

By Marjorie Koch, Adult Therapist, Jewish Family Service



The question I get asked most often by my clients is: “How do you listen to people’s problems all day?” This always makes me smile as I have never viewed my role as a psychotherapist in that way. When I make the contract…