Open Your Heart and Home During National Adoption Month

By Kim Kupfer

My name is Jack, and I am nine-years old. I used to live with my birth mother, but she was unable to take care of me. I moved in with my birth father in 2019, and it was difficult for me to adjust. You see, I used to live in another state, and did not always feel safe. In first grade, I went to three different schools, in three different states. Can you believe it? I was removed from my birth father’s care due to my past trauma. It was hard for me to understand who I was, and how to behave in an appropriate manner.

I was placed in a loving foster home. They have accepted me for who I am. They are teaching me about how to be a child and enjoy my life. They did not give up on me and are helping me to be successful in life.

Have you ever thought about adoption? Did you know November is National Adoption Month? Being in foster care is something that no one asks for, it just happens. Please, open you heart, and your home; we all deserve a place to call home.

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