The transition of publishing of Kol Central PA (KCPA) from Ed Beck to the Jewish Federation of Greater Harrisburg is an evolution from one man’s dedication to a labor of love to a community-supported asset with expenses to cover.  In planning this handover, the letter of understanding included two maxims:

  • Community notices would continue be published free-of-charge.
  • There would never be a charge to subscribe to Kol Central PA.

The result of this commitment to free access is that there will be no subscription revenue to cover the expenses.  While KCPA aspires to offer advertising opportunities as many complimentary publications do to cover costs, in the past this has not been a significant revenue stream (more on the advertising program in a few weeks).  The Jewish Community Foundation of Central PA, as part of the transfer, agreed to establish and oversee a fund to support the costs of this vital component of our community.  The Fund is to be supported by tax-deductible member sponsorships intended to fund expenses of KCPA in perpetuity.  The Foundation KCPA Fund Committee has identified the following sponsorship opportunities to support KCPA, minimum contributions and available recognitions:


Min. Contribution



Lifetime Member


Display notice monthly


Leadership Member

$3,600 per year

Display notice quarterly

Becomes lifetime member after second year

Founding Member

$1,800 per year

Display notice twice a year

Becomes lifetime member after fourth year

Sustaining Member

$180 per year

Recognized quarterly



$18 per year

Recognized twice a year


Issue Sponsor

$250 per issue

Newsletter banner


To date, more than $12000 has been raised.

Please be in touch with Paulette Keifer (717-409-8220 or if you are willing to help support this publication through your sponsorship.

Sam Levine and Josh Millman, co-chairs of the KCPA Fund Committee