Gesher Appoints New Director of Lifelong Learning

Beth El Temple and Chisuk Emuna Congregation are pleased to announce that Hilary Greenberg has been appointed to serve as our Gesher Director of Lifelong Learning succeeding Rabbi Ilyse Kramer who inaugurated this role in 2015.


Hilary Greenberg is an experienced teacher, education director, and education consultant with master's degrees in Jewish Education and Jewish Studies from Gratz College and a doctorate in education from the University of Pennsylvania. Hilary has held leadership roles in the Nurturing Excellence in Synagogue Schools (NESS) initiative, a holistic and systemic approach to synagogue school improvement, as well as in the development of ATID, a community-wide combined Hebrew High School program. 


"I'm excited to take on the role of Gesher Director of Lifelong Learning," Hilary said. "The positive energy and collaborative spirit surrounding this valuable initiative have been apparent from my first contacts with the rabbis and synagogue leaders. With a solid educational foundation in place, we can turn attention to imagining and exploring fresh possibilities aligned with building a dynamic Jewish learning community for people of all ages. I'm happy for the opportunity to become part of the team leading Gesher to the next level."


In her free time Hilary can usually be found hiking, kayaking, skiing, or curled up on the couch reading a book and watching her cats, Shira and Naomi, bravely pound on the family room window to scare away the occasional chipmunk, deer or bear hanging around the backyard. 


Kudos to Robyn Chotiner and Judith Hodara who as co-chairs of the Gesher Committee guided the process that led to the hiring of Hilary Greenberg. Robyn and Judith join Rabbis Capptauber, Cytryn and Muroff and other Beth El and Chisuk Emuna leaders, parents, and students in thanking Rabbi Ilyse Kramer for her years of service to our Gesher program and welcoming Hilary Greenberg to her new role. Rabbi Ilyse has brought a rare combination of skills in growing our Gesher program for both children and adults and we all look forward to working with Hilary to build upon that foundation and guide our program forward.