Senior Update 6.3.22

by Roberta Krieger

I'm writing this article "pre" Memorial Day, while you will receive it days after, when pools are open and outside activities the main attraction.

On Tuesday, May 3rd, our Current Events Moderator, Jeff Jacobs, led us through some heated discussions.  However, we parted…

Senior Update 5.20.22

by Roberta Krieger

I try not to be a "last minute" person, so in order to get a head-start on this article, I'm writing while on the bus heading to Shady Maple Smorgasbord (our first stop of the day) on Wednesday, April 27th.  Although the sun was shining, the sky a beautiful shade of blue…

Senior Update 5.6.22

By Roberta Krieger

Hopefully a good holiday was had by all. It was a time of joint celebration: Easter, Passover, and Ramadan.

By the time you receive this issue of the Community Review, the first week of the month of May will be over and we will be ready to start (if haven’t already) g…

“Hybrid” Film Festival opens on May 19th

By Julie Sherman

With just thirteen days until opening night, tickets are on sale for the combination Live/Virtual Edward S. Finkelstein Harrisburg Jewish Film Festival.  

It was quite a challenge this season, to balance the Festival that we wanted to present with the vagaries of Covid-19…

Senior Update 4.22.22

By Roberta Krieger

In my last column I started off by welcoming Spring.  As I'm writing this today, spring has departed and winter has returned.  Hopefully by the time you are reading this, the robins will be plentiful and the daffodils blooming.

On Tuesday, March 22nd, after lunch, we p…