Celebrate Israel Independence Day with Mediterranean Dips

by Norman Gras

So you’re stuck at home looking for easy foods to make for dinner or snacking. All you have left in your cabinet are canned products and a few basic products in the refrigerator. With Israel’s Independence Day in mind why not make hummus and other dips?

At the JCC we skip the sesame tehina, in case anyone has allergies to sesame seeds. We take a can of chick peas and blend it with a little olive oil and spice it up with ground pepper, garlic powder and onion powder. You can make a variety of flavored hummus using canned black beans or canned kidney beans.  

Another easy recipe is to take a can of corn and dice in some chopped olives or diced pickles with a little mayonnaise. If you have a can of black olives dice them up and add a little mayonnaise and you have an olive dip.