Circus of the Kids Flies High at JCC

The 2019 production of Circus of the Kids was a huge success! 

This was the 3rd year the JCC Summer Camp partnered with Circus of the Kids Camp and the campers’ progress and success each year has amazed audiences each year.

Campers attended auditions on Sunday, June 30. In just 4 days, they matured in many ways such as personal strength, dedication, self-determination, and confidence.  By learning circus skills, the campers developed a strong sense of endurance, perseverance, and discipline. 

The innovative educational program features instruction in such circus arts standbys as juggling, pyramid building, and mini trampoline acrobatics, all for campers ages 6 – 14 years. The program culminated with two performances for paid audiences on Friday, July 5th.

The children worked so hard and put in many hours of rehearsal to perfect their stunt.  Campers learned more than just physical stunts….they’ve learned the value of trying new things and the courage that comes with the mastery of a new skill.  And now they can teach the power of a “can-do” attitude.