JCC Sports Hall of Fame Nominations

Are you or were you an elite athlete?  Know someone who is?  Have you made an impact in the world of sports through business, media or marketing?  Let us recognize these achievements!  The JCC Sports Hall of Fame will be inducting its next class of athletes in March 2020.  Nominations and resumes will be collected from now until August 15, 2019.  At that time, information submitted will be compiled and sent to the Committee to vote on new members.


Requirements for the JCC Sports Hall of Fame:

  1. Must Be Jewish
  2. Must have had their athletic accomplishments in Harrisburg or live in Harrisburg for at least 5 years and have some involvement within the Jewish Community.
  3. Must be at least 30 years of age.
  4. May be living or deceased.
  5. In addition to those with athletic accomplishments, the Hall of Fame Committee also considers individuals with outstanding performance in the business of sports including broadcasting, journalism, and management.


Anybody interested in submitting a resume or nomination to be considered for the Sports Hall of Fame must email to the attention of Sports and Fitness Director Terri Travers at t.travers@jewishfedhbg.org or send in a resume to HBG JCC ATTN:Terri Travers, 3301 N. Front Street Harrisburg PA, 17110.


New for 2020:  In addition to the Hall of Fame the Sports and Fitness Committee is looking to pay tribute to a past JCC team who found great success in their sport.  The Team Spotlight Award is open to any past JCC sports team.  To nominate your team to be honored, please send information about the team (including team achievements and members of the team) to Terri Travers.  The team selected to be honored will be chosen by the committee.


For more information on the Sports Hall of Fame or Team Spotlight Award please contact Terri at t.travers@jewishfedhbg.org or 717-236-9555 ext. 3110