Keepin’ It Kosher: New Food Truck Continues Hersheypark Tradition

by Adam Grobman

Tucked beneath the towering rollercoasters of Hersheypark, an equal draw for the Jewish community parks and serves.

The Keepin’ It Kosher Food Truck is the newest addition to kosher food in Central Pennsylvania, dishing out delicious meals for hundreds of parkgoers each day.

Community member Geoff Rosenberg is the mashgiach and manager of the truck, ensuring that food is prepared properly and served with a smile. “I’ve been connected with food inside Hersheypark since 2000,” he says.

The new food truck replaces the Central PA Kosher Mart. With a renovation project reconfiguring much of the entrance to the rollercoaster haven, it was the right time to revamp and relocate Kosher food at the park.

“We’re the fourth food truck at Hersheypark,” says Geoff, who formerly worked as the dining manager at the Campus of the Jewish Home and as mashgiach at Muhlenberg College. “It seems like that’s where the world is shifting.”

Though the truck closes on Labor Day this year, it will reopen for Sukkot toward the end of October. “Sukkot in the Park is always popular and we want to ensure that the community comes and enjoys it again this year.”

This year’s Sukkot event will take place from October 16th – 17th. “You don’t want to miss the Sukkot Event of the decade,” says Robert Gordon, Director of Food and Beverage at Hersheypark. “This will be our last Sukkot event until 2021. We appreciate our guests who have made us a part of their family’s tradition, year after year.”

The event includes an evening preview with entrance to select rides, and the operation of more than 70 rides on the day of the main event.  Sukkahs and Glatt Kosher food will be located inside the park, and the Keepin’ it Kosher food truck will be parked outside of the main gates before and after park hours.

The truck’s initial two-year agreement for the space in Midway America ensures community members have plenty of time to try all of the truck’s offerings.

“I love everything and I eat everything every day,” Geoff exclaims. The menu is scaled down compared to Central PA Kosher Mart, though the truck still serves burgers, fries, chicken sandwiches, chicken fingers, hot dogs, vegetarian options, hummus and salsa with chips, and dessert options, all under Star K supervision.

Geoff says that hungry parkgoers should visit early and often. “We’ve got crowds all the time,” he says. “While it’s a new operation, people love the fact that we have Kosher food available in the Central PA area.”

Keepin’ it Kosher can be found in Midway America at Hersheypark and is open from 12 – 8pm on Sunday – Thursday, and 12 – 3pm on Fridays. It is open through Labor Day, with special hours during Sukkot. Tickets for the Sukkot event are available at