March of the Living ’22 Plans To Return to Poland, Israel

By Jenna Rappaport

Am Yisrael Chai...the Jewish people live, is the recurring theme of the March of the Living, an inspiring, exhilarating and memorable journey with Jewish teens from across the globe.  The “March” is a roller coaster of emotions-- from sadness to elation, from despair to hope, and above all, a feeling of "oneness" with Klal Yisrael, the Jewish people. 

The Jewish Federation of Greater Harrisburg will once again be offering the March of the Living to local Jewish high school seniors. Over a two-week period, many thousands of students from all corners of the earth gather together in Poland to commemorate Yom Ha’shoah, Holocaust Memorial Day, and then proceed to Israel to celebrate Yom Ha’atzmaut, Israel’s Independence Day. 

I am excited to use my lifelong connection to this community in facilitating the MOTL program. A graduate of Hebrew High and a former March of the Living participant, I wrote my master’s thesis on the topic of the Holocaust and have extensive experience with Holocaust programming.

The approximate dates for March of the Living ’22 are April 24-May 8.

The March not only provides an extraordinary opportunity for Jewish youth to gain a greater understanding of twentieth century Jewish history, but it also serves as a catalyst to reaffirm Jewish commitment and identity. The impact of the March lasts a lifetime. One March alumnus stated, “Before I went on the March, I was a Jew in my head.  Now I’m a Jew in my heart.” From another student: “I have NEVER, ever in my life, been more proud to be a Jew.”

The March of the Living preparatory course will begin on Sunday, January 9, 2022 at 1pm at the JCC and will continue to meet weekly. More information will be forthcoming. It is our hope that every Jewish teen in our community participates in the March of the Living during their senior year in high school.

For more information on the March of the Living, please contact Jenna Rappaport at