Senior Update - October 11, 2019

by Roberta Krieger

On Tuesday, September 10th, we had our business meeting.  Cheryl let us know that in the October Senior Calendar she will inform everyone about some exciting changes we made regarding show sign-ups.  By the time you have this issue of the Community Review, you might have been one of the lucky ones to benefit from these changes.  To make a long story short, come to our senior lunches on Tuesdays and Thursdays In October through November 21st and get a chance for an early sign-up for a show. 

On Wednesday, September 11th, our "artists" were busy setting up for the grand opening of their art show on Wednesday afternoon, September 25th, at the JCC, in the Spector Lounge.  Hope you were able to get there to see what was keeping us busy for all those Wednesday afternoons.  Kudos to our mentor, Cheryl Kugler.  She is a true gem.  Hopefully we will be lucky enough to have her once again, next year.

On Thursday, September 12th, we played the Millionaire Game.  Cheryl Yablon, our Super Senior Advisor, was not the moderator (or referee) on that afternoon because she was next door in the Miller, taking the AARP Driving Refresher course. However, we were in good hands.  Our own, very capable Sr. Club President, Nancy Bayuk, did a fine job.  For the first time, some of the new changes we voted on were taken advantage of.  One question was "retired" because the words of the answers were not recognizable and could not be pronounced.  Also, since this is not Jeopardy, one or two tables invoked the privilege of taking their one-time pass of a question.  However, this did not necessarily give them too much help because their second choice was more difficult than the original.  However, the request to "phone a friend" was denied.  You have to be there to see what fun we have when playing this game.

On Thursday, September 17th, there were six tables of early-risers anxious to hear Dr. Koones lecture on "The Wizard of Oz and much more."  Due to his teaching schedule, the program began at 10:30am.  I myself was very surprised how many people actually welcomed this start time.  As usual, both the lecture and lunch that followed couldn't be better.  Neither Dr. Koones, nor our wonderful caterer Norman Gras, ever fail to delight us.

On Wednesday, September 18th, we had the privilege of going to the Dutch Apple Theatre to see Finding Neverland.  To say that this was a Broadway-caliber presentation is an understatement.  As a matter of fact, our President, Nancy Bayuk, saw this show on Broadway and said this production was better.  One would never believe this took place in Lancaster, PA.  From the actors, singers, dancers, set decoration, and more, it was 1st-class, all the way.  It was a wonderful day, enjoyed by all.

On Thursday, September 19th, one of our own Senior Club members, Sandy Gilleo, once again gave of her time and knowledge.  This was Part II of our tablecloth painting project.  We saw our efforts from the first lesson transformed into six beautiful tablecloths.  Three Blue (for dairy meals) and three Red (for meat meals).  This time we used "Zen-tangle."  We had a few options of how we wanted to do this.  We could use our own design, use an existing design as is, or embellish an existing design.  Once the decision was made, we used markers specific for fabric.  Can't wait to see the finished project.

Last, but certainly not least, please SAVE THE DATE...THURSDAY EVENING, OCTOBER 24TH.  Our very own Senior Club member, Harold Williams, Jr., will be honored as the JCC Volunteer of the Year.  If anyone is deserving of this award, it definitely is Harold.  Please accept our heartfelt congratulations, Harold.

Hope to see you at one of our lunch/programs soon.