PJC Statement on the Rise of Domestic Anti-Semitism

On May 27, 2021, the Pennsylvania Jewish Coalition released the following statement on the rise of domestic anti-Semitism:

The Pennsylvania Jewish Coalition (PJC) has grave concerns regarding the rise in anti-Semitic hate crimes both locally and nationally.

Since the recent fighting in Israel and Gaza began, there have been an increasing number of violent attacks on American Jews, vandalism of Jewish American institutions, and anti-Semitic speech via social media.  Although the cease fire is in place, the incidents have continued.  We urge our elected leaders to denounce these hateful acts of violence and intimidation.

As Israelis recover from the bombardment of thousands of rockets and missiles launched by Hamas, a terrorist organization based in Gaza, it is unfathomable that this would spawn hate crimes directed against the American Jewish community.  While people may have differing perspectives on the best way to bring peace to that region, it is abhorrent to use those political disagreements as an excuse for destroying property or assaulting people on the basis of religion or ethnicity.   An increase in attacks on the Asian-American community in the past year is but one example of such irrational, misplaced hostility.  The scourge of anti-Semitism, a centuries-old form of vicious bigotry against the Jewish people that has spawned genocide, pogroms, and tragedy for so many, likewise must not be allowed to grow.  As we saw when 11 people died in the Tree of Life synagogue massacre in 2018, this Commonwealth is not immune, and hatred if unchecked can lead to horrific tragedy.


The PJC condemns these intolerable anti-Semitic acts and calls for swift action to combat the spread of hate and bigotry in all forms against all communities.  We, as Pennsylvanians, need to speak out forcefully against these actions, safeguard our non-profit institutions from attacks, strengthen our hate crime laws, promote cultural awareness and understanding, expand our Holocaust education curriculum and stand in solidarity with all diverse communities who are the victims of baseless hatred.

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