Senior Adult Club Seeks Zoom Speakers

by Cheryl Yablon, Senior Adult Director


                As you all know, the JCC Senior Adult Club has not been able to reconvene at the JCC during the present COVID-19 pandemic.  However, we have a wonderful group that “Zooms” in for our Tuesday and Thursday Senior Check-ins at 11 am.  At the Check-ins, we spend the first couple minutes making sure everyone clicks on their video cameras and knows how to toggle their mute button on/off.  Once we have done the preliminaries, and have exchanged what is or is not going on in our lives, we watch an educational YouTube video on art, travel, comedy or whatever the group is interested in. On a few occasions, we have had presenters and are finding that this is appealing to the group.


            In that vein, we are looking for volunteer presenters.  I am asking that if you have a special talent or topic of interest that you would like to share for a 15-20 minute presentation, you would have a built in audience!  If you have any interest to share your knowledge or hobby, please send me an email at:  or call me on Wednesdays at the JCC: 717-236-9555 EXT. 3115.