by Roberta Krieger                            

Writing this column presents several issues (no pun intended) for me.  For instance, only reality is those things past.  Past was in actuality in the past, no ifs, ands, or buts.  However, when I say we are excited about an upcoming program, when you have the Community Review in your hands, some "upcoming" programs have already passed, while others are still labeled as upcoming.  I will try to do my best to differentiate for you.

On Tuesday, November 16th, Natalie Damrauer, a member of our Senior Adult Club, gave us a line dancing demo and lesson.  Fun was had by all.  We thank you Natalie, for your time and patience.  Afterwards we were once again WOWED by a lunch catered by Norman Gras.  I think we are still talking about how delicious the chicken was, not to forget the rice and mushrooms, etc., etc.  Norman, I think you have to write a cookbook.  After lunch, Retired Army Colonel, John Maietta, gave a marvelous presentation on "The Romantic Rhine River."

On Thursday, November 18th, unfortunately Rabbi Ron Muroff was unable to join us so we initiated plan B.  We played Bingo.  Although this is one of our faves, we truly missed Rabbi Muroff. 

Tuesday, November 23rd, is one of our biggest and most popular days of the year, the piece de resistance, our Annual Thanksgiving Luncheon.  This is the first day we are able to sign up for upcoming shows. Our meal was, as usual, amazingly delicious and worthy of a cover on any food magazine.  Once again, Norman outdid himself.  Kudos to him and his entire staff.  After lunch we were entertained by Clint Edwards at the piano.  I said to him it was fortunate we all wore masks or else our singing would have prompted a call for animal control people to come and find out the cause of the noise.  His choice of songs was perfect.  Almost everybody knew all the words.

It goes without saying (but I feel the need to do so anyway) that none of the above would have been possible without the direction of our Super Senior Advisor, Cheryl Yablon.  I wonder if she ever gets a full night’s sleep without thinking of what's next!

Along with Cheryl (it takes a village) we owe thanks to all Senior Club members who volunteered to work at various tables, raffles, show signups, membership, etc.  And last, but definitely not least, the staff of the JCC and Federation, without whom we never would have been served that amazing feast.

Now for the FUTURE (as I'm writing this, but has already passed by the time you get this issue).  

On Tuesday, November 30th, Rabbi Ron Muroff, is scheduled for a makeup session with us.  I will give you an update in my next column.

Hard to believe, but when you have this issue in your hands, December will be half over.  We will have had our Chanukah party on Thursday, December 2nd.  This year we unfortunately will not be joined by any of the children to make chocolate menorahs.  In the next issue I will let you know about all the excitement, which is always a given, due to our gift exchange...unfortunately for some, but fortunately for others, many gifts are exchanged many, many times!

On Tuesday, December 7th, Jeff Jacobs will lead our current events discussion.  We thank Jeff for once again volunteering to do this on the first Tuesday of every month.

On Thursday, December 9th, Paulette Keifer and Rebecca Robinson of the Jewish Community Foundation, will lead us on a journey of discovery - via "a letter to your loved ones." This will definitely be a "heartfelt" presentation and discussion. 

On Tuesday, December 14th, our monthly business meeting and birthday party is scheduled.  On Thursday, December 16th, retired Army Colonel, John Maietta, will do a program on Pioneers of Today's "Wired World."  He will speak about things we take for granted and how they came about.  I know this is going to make for a very interesting afternoon.

Now to REAL FUTURE (still to come after you receive this issue of the Community Review).  On Tuesday, December 21st, Artist Susan Leviton will present an interesting lecture on "paper cut art."  On Thursday, December 23rd, Vincent Onomastico of Beltone Hearing, will inform us about symptoms of hearing loss and related problems.

On Tuesday, December 28th, we will have our New Year’s party.  Don't forget to call Cheryl for a reservation, if you haven't already done so.  It will be an afternoon to remember with Pennsylvania's #1 Elvis Impersonator, "The King," Brad Crum.

On Thursday, December 30th, we will end off the month and 2021 with a fun-filled afternoon of Bingo.

Looking forward to seeing you at our lunches. Hope you stay well, are properly vaccinated and wear masks.

Happy and Healthy New Year to All.