Senior Update 12.31.21

by Roberta Krieger

Assuming (which one never should) that the mail reverts to being delivered daily, neither rain, snow, sleet, or hail stopping its arrival (that was my joke for this column), this will be the last issue you will receive this year, 2021, as opposed to being the first issue of the new year, 2022.  Cannot believe that after finally remembering to write 2021 as opposed to 2020, I have to delete that from my brain and now concentrate on 2022.  My mom always said that the older one gets, the faster the time goes by.  Chalk up another bit of wisdom from my mom.

On Tuesday, November, 30th, Rabbi Ron Muroff did his "make-up" session.  As usual, he did not disappoint.  We made it clear that he has an open invitation.

On Thursday, December 2nd, the prequel to our Chanukah party and gift exchange was a delicious lunch catered by Norman Gras.  The highlights of the menu consisted of stuffed cabbage and, not to forgo tradition, potato latkes and applesauce.  You couldn’t call Norman’s latkes “traditional” – because they are the very best.  They are the very best.  I'm salivating just thinking about them.  It's a good thing calories do not count just for thinking.  After lunch we had our gift exchange.  This year the "hot" items were lottery tickets, comfy warm throws, gift cards, and wine.  The lottery tickets were "stolen" so many times that the person who was in fact the short-lived "owner" saved the "needy" person a few steps by getting up and handing the envelope to the "thief."  A good laugh was had by one and all.

On Tuesday, December 7th, we were fortunate to have Jeff Jacobs moderate our current events program.  It's not that easy to keep everyone from jumping out of their seats (those of us who are capable of doing that) when certain topics arise.  Thanks Jeff, for volunteering and doing such an admirable job.

On Thursday, December 9th, Rebecca Robinson and Paulette Keifer, from the Jewish Community Foundation, were scheduled to speak with us about how important it is to share your feelings.  Unfortunately, Paulette was unable to join us, but Rebecca did not let us down.  Rebecca had our undivided attention from the moment she had the microphone in her hand.  She shared such beautiful memories with us, some so touching that they brought us to tears.  For those of you who were not fortunate to have joined us, Rebecca played a song for us that I sincerely recommend your taking a moment to listen to.  The name of the song is “My Old Man” by Steve Goodman and can be found on YouTube.  You will not be disappointed.

As of this writing, we have many other great programs scheduled for the balance of December, such as:

Tuesday, December 14th - Business Meeting and Birthday Party

Thursday, December 16th, lecture on "Pioneers of Today's World" by Retired Army Colonel, John Maietta

Tuesday, December 21st, lecture on "Paper Cut Art" by artist Susan Leviton

Thursday, December 23rd, lecture on symptoms of hearing loss, its causes and

effects by Vincent Onomastico of Beltone Hearing

Tuesday, December 28th, New Year's Party featuring The King, #1 Elvis  

impersonator, Brad Crum

Thursday, December 30th, our favorite game, Bingo

The abovementioned programs will all take place after this article was written.  Please be assured that I will give you the details in my next column.

As membership Vice President of the Senior Club, I am very happy to report that we are continually getting new members.  I would like to welcome you all, which I do by name, at our business meetings.  We would love for you to join us then, as well as our other lunches and programs.  You will be glad you did. Also, as a bonus for coming, you can see for yourself why we feel how we do about our Super Senior Advisor, Cheryl Yablon, without whom the Senior Adult Club would not be as great as it is.

Hope you stay well, are properly vaccinated and responsibly wear masks.

Happy and Healthy New Year to all.