Senior Update 2.28.2020

by Roberta Krieger

I was seriously trying to make the deadline for this issue of the Community Review to extol the virtues of Cheryl Yablon, our most loved and seriously missed, Senior Advisor.  However, this was not an easy task to accomplish.  I, along with at least one dozen other seniors have been trying very hard to do a few of the jobs that Cheryl is responsible for.  We cannot figure out how one person can do all of this.  Keep in mind that what we are doing is only PART of Cheryl's responsibilities.  We know she is amazing, and this certainly proves it.  Hopefully by the time you have this issue of the Community Review in your hands, Cheryl will be back at the J, or at least, we will have a date of her expected return.

Happy to advise that the Sr. Club is flourishing.  We are constantly getting new members.  Guess the word is out that we have a great group of people who have a lot of fun and enjoy a variety of programs every Tuesday and Thursday.
For starters, we have a delicious meal prepared by our fantastic chef, Norman Gras.  Recently he made the most amazing egg drop soup (just thinking about it makes my mouth water, even though I just finished my dinner).  After the soup we had a yummy chicken stir-fry.  Today, during a lunch of his most delectable quiche, people could not stop talking about how delicious it was while eating it.  It was like we were filming a commercial lauding Norman's talents.  Well deserved, I must say.

I'm glad to report that our Current Events guru, Jeff Jacobs, was not intimidated by a few peoples' reactions to some of his topics, and did return.  WHEW!  We really, really enjoy Jeff and feel lucky that he takes time out of his day to come to us, different topics in hand, to get us to activate our brain cells.

We very much enjoyed John Maieta's Part I lecture of "The World of Ancient Greece" and are looking forward to Part II.  Also, anxiously awaiting his lecture about Beethoven. I'm guessing the timing of this program was inspired by the 250th Anniversary of Beethoven's birth.

We also had our almost-monthly fix of Bingo and the Millionaire Game.  FYI - on days of the Millionaire Game, IQ tests are given before you are seated. Then, there are drafts for table seats, by table captains. Bribery WILL get you a good table.

As usual, Pat Dodd, our favorite nutritionist and Rabbi Cytryn, did not disappoint us, nor did the Altrusa Jokesters.  Representatives from Madden Physical Therapy gave us a very informative program.  As far as Bingo and the Millionaire Game, you have to come and see for yourself. If you are feeling "down and out," either one of these games will definitely put you in a most happy mood.

The Millionaire Game and one of our most looked forward to speakers, Rabbi Peter Kessler, will end off the month of February.

Check your calendar for all the other exciting programs coming up in March.

Hope to see you soon.