Senior Update 3.11.22

by Roberta Krieger

By the time you receive this issue of the Community Review, spring will only be a little more than two weeks away.  I’m sure this has universal appeal.

On Tuesday, February 8th, we had our usual "lox Tuesday" lunch prior to our business meeting and birthday party.  After lunch status reports were given by our Vice-Presidents and we discussed our upcoming election of new officers.  Come to our next business meeting and get first-hand knowledge and give us your input.

On Thursday, February 10th, after another one of Norman Gras's fabulous lunches - baked salmon, sweet potato fries, salad and a delicious warm pumpkin pie for dessert - the movie Young Frankenstein was shown.  It was much enjoyed by all.

On Tuesday, February 15th, John Maietta had a captive audience when he spoke about Mark Twain.  It was another one of his "don't want it to end" programs.  Prior to his lecture we had a lunch of "quiche a la Norman," which tasted as good as it looked.  Lucky us!  After the program, as is the norm on Tuesday and Thursdays, groups moved on to the Miller to play Mah Jongg and Rummikub.

Our Senior Advisor, "Super" Cheryl Yablon, is on a much deserved vacation, but she had, as usual, managed to get everything done and remotely checked to make sure things were going smoothly.

On Thursday, February 17th, no special program was scheduled so the "gamers" were able to get an early start.

There are two more programs scheduled in February.  On the 22nd, our Sports, Fitness and Recreation Director, Terri Travers will present a program on the necessity of exercise for balance and good health.  To round off the month, on the 24th George Dillman, Consumer Outreach Specialist with the PA Dept. of Banking and Securities will present a program on Cybersecurity - tips for online shopping.

The abovementioned programs will take place after this article was written.  The next issue will give you the highlights.

Hope you stay well, are properly vaccinated, and responsibly wear masks. Looking forward to seeing you at lunch. Take care.