Learning and Celebration Continues at The Silver Academy

By Samara Sofian, Head of School, The Silver Academy

Over the past few weeks, our school community has really been meaningfully together, even though we are physically apart. Every day I see another example of our school community’s strength and support.

Students and teachers are truly supporting each other. A third grade parent recently shared with me that her daughter had a question about a Hebrew assignment. The child posted in the group chat organized by Morah Sara, their Math teacher, asking for help. Both Morah Sara and a classmate quickly responded to offer assistance; the two classmates joined together on a Google Hangout and worked together to complete the assignment. This was Silver Academy teamwork and values in action!

Students are contributing to our community; making videos of themselves reading books and teaching math skills, leading clubs, and hosting recess activities. They are sending cards and reaching out to community members to help people feel and stay connected to one another.  We are so proud of the Reid family; Silver Academy alumni Bryan, Miriam, and Alana and current student Yaakov and teacher Morah Tamara.  They made and delivered a card for EACH resident at The Jewish Home.  What an amazing mitzvah!

Parents are supporting each other. They are checking in on one another and discussing how they’re dealing with parenting through this pandemic. They are working together to show our teachers how much they are appreciated.  Through the support of our wonderful PTO, the teachers and staff were treated to potted flowers and a delicious babka delivered by parent volunteers to their homes as a small token of their immense appreciation for everyone’s hard work. 

We have continued our Better Together program with the residents at The Campus of the Jewish Home of Harrisburg with Zoom meetings and activities around Yom Ha’atzmaut and Shavuot.  The seniors and students were thrilled to have a chance to see each other and catch up.  They played trivia games and held discussions about what these holidays are and how we celebrate.  The seniors were invited to join The Silver Academy school-wide Kabbalat Shabbat program and on another occasion, the Middle School students led a Kabbalat Shabbat program for the seniors of their very own.

We’re celebrating! We’re celebrating birthdays and holidays. We’re celebrating the completion of a unit of learning and our amazing teachers. We celebrated Lag B’Omer with a virtual bonfire filled with community guests playing instruments and singing for us.  Many thanks to Rabbi Sam Yolen, Rabbi David Sofian, Gary Grobman, Rabbi Carl Choper, Dalia Shvartsman, Noel Gevers, Kris Novak, and the Reid family for lending their talents to our celebration.  We helped celebrate the workers and residents at The Jewish Home with a Drive-By Parade, organized by Silver Academy alumnus Norman Gras.  Another amazing mitzvah!

We are taking this time to be thankful and grateful.  We have amazing students and families, faculty, staff, alumni, and an amazing community of supporters.   We wish all in the community health and best regards and we look forward to seeing you soon.