CEO Letter 2.14.2020

by Jenn Ross


Each day, I begin my day by scanning in to the JCC (or prominently displaying my name badge with Federation logo). I do this to set an example and provide consistency with the entry policies and practices we expect our community members and staff to follow.


You will likely see some enhancements and changes over the course of the year as we continue to adapt to unsettling circumstances nationally.  The safety and security of everyone in the JCC is a top priority.  Everyone’s participation is critical in this effort.  An easy way to help is by scanning in or signing in every time you enter the building.


Whether you are new to the J, or you have been entering our doors since the 1950s, please know your cooperation is important. Even if the front desk staff know you, others may not and it may make them feel discriminated against or unsafe. Thank you for your cooperation and for respecting the important work of our front desk staff.


A key way to stay safe everywhere is to be educated on security standards and best practices.  We will be offering another free training at the Harrisburg JCC from 6-9pm on March 5. This training will be coordinated with the Department of Justice and a House of Worship Task Force (of which I am a part).  The Task Force has a key focus on the safety and security of congregations and faith-based institutions.  At the time of this printing, registration for this high quality, comprehensive training will be open. I hope you plan on attending and learning with me.


You have probably heard how critical it is that if you “see something, say something.”  If you notice anything of concern at the J, please notify a staff member immediately. We take all concerns seriously.  FEMA has an app, See Send, which allows you to submit suspicious activities and routes them to a network of state offices of homeland security and preparedness.


The JCC and our community are fortunate to have strong positive relationships with numerous local and federal law enforcement agents. I am grateful for their ongoing support and interest in protecting our agency and our community and for sharing their expertise with us and others freely.

As always, if you have questions, ideas, or concerns, you can reach me at or 717-236-9555 x3104.