CEO Letter 2.26.21

By Jenn Ross


Purim 2020 was the last time I attended large community events.  I participated in the Megillah reading at Beth El Temple and the Women’s Annual Megillah Reading and helped out at the JCC Purim Carnival.  Participating in community activities always brings me joy. I am particularly appreciative of my involvement in these three events which preceded a year of considerable change and social distancing.


I’m grateful that our virtual connections enable us to remain safe while still building community. The times I am able to connect with you masked and socially distanced at the JCC or occasionally elsewhere are even more precious than before.  Our next edition will reflect more on the year since the pandemic impacted our community.  Here is a look at some opportunities ahead.


This year, Purim activities are still occurring. The ones previously listed will all be virtual.  Hopefully 2022 will be a return to in-person activities, but for now, this is a safe and creative way to celebrate the holiday as a community. What costume are you wearing this year?


Our senior club will recommence its fifth annual Senior Artist in Residency program.  The hybrid model which was used for 18 of our 20 sessions for 2020 will be repeated with participants having the option to join us in the Mary Sachs or connect from home on Zoom.  Each participant has their own kit of materials. If you have not been involved with this program and are over 60, I encourage you to sign up.  Artist Cheryl Kugler is amazing and she develops a new, unique curriculum each year with projects you have likely never tried before.  This program is geared for all skill levels and each year we hear from participants that they uncovered artistic talents they didn’t know they had. Join us!


As warmer weather approaches, we’ll have more opportunities to connect.  If you have children entering Kindergarten through Eighth Grades, please explore the exciting opportunities our JCC has to offer through Day and Specialty Camps this summer. Teens and adults interested in counselor opportunities are also encouraged to consider a fun and meaningful summer with us. We are excited about our return to Green Hills.  Visit for more details or contact Lori Rubin at or 717-236-9555 x3108.


I hope you have a joyous and festive Purim.  Let me know how you are celebrating the holiday and/or adapting to the changes during the final months of winter. You can reach me at or 717-236-9555 x3104. Be well!