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Appropriation of Jewish Culture For Political Use Is Unnacceptable

By Ira Beckerman

On January 8th, in Gettysburg, State Senator Doug Mastriano announced his candidacy for the governorship of Pennsylvania.  At that event, a non-Jewish man associated with Mastriano’s campaign donned a tallit, or a Jewish prayer shawl, and blew a shofar.

The shofar is a …

A Candle Speaks

By Ann Van Dyke
This speech was originally given at November's Thanksgiving Eve Interfaith Service

When I was a little girl growing up in a farming community in northern PA, the lighting of the candles on the altar of our little Methodist church said, “Quiet your heart and mind. Worship b…

Staying For Good

By Rebecca Caspi, Director General, JFNA Israel Office

Originally published in the El Paso Jewish Voice

Whenever he called me from the United States, my uncle asked the same question, “Do you think you’re going to stay in Israel?”

As the decades passed, the question turned more and …


On Thursday, June 3, 2021, Barbara Meyers Snyder of Rockville, MD and previously of Harrisburg, PA, passed away.

Beloved wife of the late Sanford Snyder; devoted mother of Jeffrey Snyder and Lynn Shapiro Snyder, Ira and Lisa Snyder and the late Arleen Magier; cherished grandmother of Rachel…

Reflection On Harrisburg Summers Past

By Janice Apple Malett

I joined the town pool in Rye, NY and do my laps after work.

I don't know a soul - not after three summers of swimming here. Too young, too old, or just unfriendly. But it doesn’t matter. I'm not here to make friends. I come for the swimming...and for something els…