Letter to the Editor

Kudos, congratulations, and heartfelt thanks, to Julie Sherman and her Jewish Film Festival Committee for making our July Sunday and Wednesday evenings so thought provoking, entertaining, and stimulating.  Our twice a week movie nights were wonderful and I looked forward to receiving the mid-afternoon emails telling me that the films were ready for viewing.

I loved all the movies; some surprised me; others challenged long held beliefs; others, I thought would not be of interest but surprisingly, fascinated me.  In this time of social distancing, the films were a bright spot in my week; watching the Film Festival offerings felt almost like a return to normalcy. 

Elef todot, a thousand thanks, to marvelous Julie and her dedicated committee for all their hard work and efforts to bring this extraordinary gift to us.  Yashir kochachem--may you grow from strength to greater strength.

With much appreciation,

-- Lillian Rappaport

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